2020 -My Reflections

The year, 2020 was full of surprises. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, I was meant to write a blog post but it is what it is. I hope y’all had fun.

If I was told on January 1st that it will get to a point in 2020 that everybody won’t go out, I would have had a good laugh and ‘waka pass’ whoever said that.

I think everyone can relate to that. I even made a cake for my family and wrote “Cheers To The Best Year Yet”. Was it really the best year yet? Read my review to the end to know if it was.


January came and I was literally feeling empty inside of me, I decided to go for a social media break, it was meant to be for a week but I went away for two weeks and some days. Chile, it was so good and almost became addictive because ideas kept popping in my head, reflected on what I wanted for myself. At the end of the social media break I was able to write my top 10 goals for 2020. I didn’t achieve all for the year but it was a 7/10. So, I did well. I started my fitness journey in January,  I did a morning run everyday, except Sundays.


February came nothing major happened. The news of covid 19 in other countries was already filling in.

I was excited to resume back to school in March, because I believed I would be a graduate in 2020, not knowing that 2020 was rolling it’s eyes at me. Sis resumed and spent just a week in school and we started hearing news that there would be a total lockdown as the number of corona virus cases was increasing. I had to go back home, stopped my early morning run and opted for working out at home. I downloaded the app lose belly fat at home

April came, there was still lockdown. One of my goals for 2020 was to start dailymannabybb. I launched the blog on the 23rd of April. The blog have been one of my major blessings in 2020, because it made me grow. Like I still can’t believe I push myself to do more and better. I registered for a lot of online classes during the lockdown, I haven’t practiced some of the things I learnt till now though and I’ve made use of some.

During the lockdown, my family is not the type that was in for ‘online church service’. We legit did Church Service in my house every Sunday. Most of the times I led the Sunday school, it was a cool experience.

Every other month came, the lockdown was eventually relieved and everything was going back to normal but ASUU decided that’s the best time to be in strike and Federal Universities weren’t resuming. I concluded that we should just start a new academic session next year abeg(2021).

In October, End SARS protest started on the 11th. Everyone was really hoping for a better Nigeria, if only the government would give in to the demands. Until the 20th of October when the Lekki Toll gate Massacre happened. I barely slept that night. Another curfew/lockdown happened because for this. During this period palliative for covid19 was also discovered in most states of the country. Those few days were like a whole month to me.

If you’re ever in a position to lead people, DO BETTER! 

My  Birthday was the highlight of November for me, the love I received topped it all.

Then December, my favorite month of the year because of Christmas.

2020 is the year I appreciate the love of family, I became grateful for the littlest thing, I smiled a lot and appreciate the gift of good people around me.

The major lesson I learnt and I’m still learning is not to trust people a lot(I could make this a blog post)

All in all, 2020 is the year the Bible verse Proverbs 16:9 made more sense “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.”  Because a lot of us made lot of plans for 2020 but the Lord ordered our steps and make everything work out for our good.

If you can relate to any of my reflections, comment down below. I will be so excited to know.

Congratulations! We made it to the last days of 2020. It has been God all the way.

One wish and prayer I want for the new year 2021 is everything should go back to normal, no more pandemic.

I pray the good Lord heals the world.

A better Nigeria should emerge.

Our best days are right in front of us.

I wish you A Happy New Year in advance

Lots of love



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