Breaking fear issues

                        –Romans 8:15

So you have not received the spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead you have received God’s spirit when He adopted you as His children.            –NLT

Personally I have had issues with fear whenever I’m about to do something fear always pops up and I end up thinking of negative things. To be honest, starting this blog I was afraid of the unknown.

Our world is full of different challenges and we see various things everyday that will bring up different questions in our mind which may eventually make is to be afraid. I discovered that fear makes us assume a lot and lot of lies.

Back to the Bible verse I referred to the phrase “fearful slaves” made me read the verse over and over again. A SLAVE is a person who is the property of another person and is expected to do everything the master asks of him. FEAR means to be afraid  of; to  expect with alarm. The enemy is the master of fear and he actually sends Fear his slave to people’s mind.

There is a story about a great man that I would share with you as regards breaking fear issues.

     The  Lord sent his angel to a man whose tribe is the weakest in his land, the man was trying to hide from  his enemies ( the enemy has projected fear into him that was why he was hiding) to separate wheat at the bottom of a wine press, the angel said to him ‘Mighty Hero’ (why will the angel call him that? There is a Bible verse that says even before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you). The angel told the man that he will deliver his people from his enemies, the man told the angels his fears and weaknesses. Guess what the angel said to him ‘GO WITH THE STRENGTH YOU HAVE’

Fear may cloud your thoughts but when the enemy sees that you are going to do whatever it is fear is trying to eat up from you he would definitely back off, this is when you let go of fear and let God have His way. Remember Peter in the Bible when he allowed faith instead of fear and walked on water with Jesus but when he started doubting.

Did the man go with the strength he has? Yes he did. Did he trust God inspire of his insecurities? Yes he did. Was he able to deliver his people from the enemies? Yes he did. Read Judges 6&7 to know how he conquered fear issues.

To break fear issues, we have to displace fear and put faith in place. Whatever it is that fear is making you assume is a LIE! Stop doubting and do whatever it is that is laid in your heart to do, you can be the solution to someone’s problem like the man was to his people. There is a Bible verse that I love so much 2nd Timothy 1:7 it says for God hath not given us the spirit of FEAR but of LOVE, POWER AND of A SOUND MIND. Meditate on God’s word and He will surely have His way.

I pray that the enemy would not get the best of us by projecting fear into our lives but rather he would flee when he sees that our FAITH is bigger than our anxieties.

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