Crunchy Yam Balls

Crunchy Yam Balls is very easy to make, it can be eaten as snacks, or main meal.

To make Crunchy Yam Balls, you have to use bread crumbs for coating. If you don’t mind it being crunchy you can use flour instead.

I used left over yam to make mine, you can boil yam for yours.



Half tuber of yam or small yam

2tbsp butter

Pepper sauce

1 seasoning cube

Powdered pepper

1 can of sardine

2 eggs 

1 1/2 cup breadcrumbs

Oil for frying

Salt to taste



  • Boil yam and add salt if you’re not using leftover yam.


  • Add butter to yam and mash till smooth.


  • Drain oil from sardine and mash.


  • Separate the egg yolk from white into different bowls.


  • Add sardine, pepper, seasoning cube, egg yolks. Mix till it’s well combine.


  • Whisk egg white and put breadcrumbs in a bowl.


  • Use your hands to roll out the yam mix into small balls.


  • Coat yam with whisked egg white and bread crumbs.Repeat for all balls.


  • Deep fry, do not overcrowd the oil. Fry till golden brown.

Crunchy Yam Balls




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