Yamarita is also known as Dun Dun Oniyeri, unlike the usual fried yam, Yamarita will be boiled first before it is coated with egg and flour then deep fried to make it crispy.

Yamarita -Crispy yam is so easy to make and can go as a main meal or a snack.

Let’s get right into the recipe



1/2 tuber of yam

4 tbsp flour

Salt to taste

1 seasoning cube

1 egg

1tsp garlic powder

Dry pepper to taste

1 tsp curry powder

Oil for deep frying



  • Slice YAM and remove skin


  • Cut into rectangular shapes and wash thoroughly

  • Put in a small pot and parboil for 10 minutes and drain water (the yam shouldn’t be soft

    cooked yam
  • Break the egg, add seasoning cube, ground pepper and salt, whisk together


  • On a flat plate add flour, pepper, curry powder, garlic powder and mix together

  • Dip each yam into egg wash

  • Coat with flour


  • Dip in egg wash again







  • Repeat for all yam slices. This process will make the yam crispy when fried
  • Heat oil on medium heat


  • Transfer the coated yam into hot oil, fry until golden brown


  • Yamarita is ready¬†
  • Serve with peppered stew, ketchup or any stew of your choice¬†



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