Stop Hiding!

Stop Hiding your talents, let the world marvel at His work in you. 


Someone told me 4/5 years ago “B, you could start a blog you know, write on stuffs you are passionate about” because she read some of my random write ups. I laughed it off, Who would read my blog. I’m not even good, It’s just a random thing I enjoy doing. And I’m a shy person physically and online, to  walk up to someone to ask a question I would have thought about it so many times, and may not eventually ask.

Walking more with Christ definitely made me more bold. 

We are all blessed with a gift or more than one, it could be drawing, singing, dancing, public speaking, hair dressing, modeling etc. 

No one is born perfect, once you know what you love and consistently find yourself doing it, you have to develop the gift. One great public speaker I love listening to said he takes classes to know how to speak, I was shocked. Definitely his teacher will also be taking lessons to be a better teacher, it goes on and on.

In other words; Learning never ends, you have to keep developing yourself.

You don’t have to be good enough to start whatever God has placed in your heart. Once you start, He will equip you.

Here are 3 Reasons you should Stop Hiding.

  • Purpose

You are on this earth for a purpose. The popular verse – that God knew you even before you were formed in your Mother’s womb was not a mistake Jeremiah 1:5  If you don’t fulfill your purpose on this earth you will be asked when you get back to heaven. You would give an account of what you did with your talents on the last day. Do not be like the last servant that hid the money his boss gave him.  Matthew 25: 14-30 

  • People

God already wired  human beings that we need each other. Your gift could be a blessing to someone. There is someone out there that needs you to do what God has called you to do. Take Jonah for example, God told Jonah to tell the people of Nineveh to turn away from their bad deeds or He would destroy them. Jonah tried to hide because of his selfish reasons, God dealt with him and he eventually delivered God’ message. Your talents can bring happiness to many people.

  • Process

Trust the process God is taking you through. You will grow in the process of developing yourself. Before gold is made into finished products, it goes through a lot of process. When it comes out fine, people start admiring forgetting it has gone through fire.

Stop Hiding, He equipped you for this!

Much love,


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