Unanswered Prayers

Why are  prayers unanswered?

. . . When you pray, I will listen

 Jeremiah 29 : 12(NLT) 

Hello there,

Have you ever been in a situation where God seems silent about a particular prayer and you’ve prayed over and over again.

It may seem your prayer is unanswered but God definitely have answers to every believer’s prayer.

Here are some reasons it may seem God is silent to your prayers

God’s plan is bigger than your plan/prayer point.

God has the best plan for your life, Isaiah 55:8 ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts . . .’ Imagine you praying to God for a bicycle and His plan is to give you a car. Don’t pray because it’s what you want, pray for God’s will so He can direct you and also pray with the guidiance of the Holy spirit .

Your prayer request can harm you. 

Unanswered prayers may occur if God knows that if He gives you it can harm you at that particular season.

For instance if a 7 year old asks his father if he could drive the father’s car it would be irresponsible of the father to let the child drive the car, if he allows the child to drive the car it will harm him but if the child turns 18 and asks to drive the car after he pass the driving test he would be allowed to. This is just like some of our prayer requests, God knows we are not mature yet to handle if he gives us what we ask for. Our God is a a good good Father, He will not give you what He knows will harm you.

It’s not yet the appointed time. 

It’s sounds cliche to say ‘God’s time is the best’ but truly God’s time is the best. The one who created you knows the best season to give answers to your prayers. I’m sure Father Abraham would have wondered during the years that God called him ‘Father of many nations’ and still his wife was old and had not bore him a child, it was 25years later Isaac was born. Genesis 21:2 ‘so Sarah conceived and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the appointed time of which God …’­God’s timing will always be the best and always remember your life is not yours, your life is to bring glory to God’s name.

You’re praying with a wrong motive 

Your prayers will seem unanswered when you pray with the wrong motive.

Many of us pray because of what we see in other people’s life and we feel it will be perfect for our life too. We pray for other people’s blessings to be ours. In this generation where we all post our best pictures on social media and we pretend not to have flaws and our life is perfect which is not. We admire Celebrities, influencers etc.  and end up wishing and praying that we should just be like them. God cannot answer such prayer?

How about you pray that God bless you according to His will. Another person blessing is different from the way God will bless you!

God said NO!

Unanswered Prayers can happen when God already tells you No to a particular prayer, and you want a Yes. If you keep repeating the prayer point, My dear, You will keep praying a Vain Prayer!  God said NO to David’s desire to build a temple. God’s  NO will sometimes bring greater glory to GodWhen God tells you No to a particular situation, He has His reasons.


God calls us to live a life of faith and trust. James 1: 6-7 ‘. . . do not waver, for a person with undivided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.Such people should not expect to receive anything from the Lord’  When we pray with doubt the prayers won’t be answered.   Peter trusted Jesus and walked on water with Him but when he saw the wind he was afraid and he began to sink. Jesus took his hands and said “you of little faith, why did you doubt?” 

Unconfessed Sin. 

If you’re in sin your prayers will not be answered until you ask God for forgiveness. Your sin may be anger, it could be pride, or holding a grudge or any other type of sin. Ask God for forgiveness so that you will receive answers to your prayers. If you humble yourself to God He will definitely lift you up. 


May we always pray according  to God’s will for us. Thank you so much for reading, 

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