Vegetable Macaroni Pasta

Looking for a quick meal to make for your family? Vegetable Macaroni Pasta is perfect, it’s gets done in less than 30 minutes.


4 cups of Macaroni Pasta

2 tomatoes sliced

3 big carrots chopped

5 green beans chopped 

1 medium sized cabbage chopped

1/4 cupVegetable oil

Salt & 2 seasoning cube 



  • Parboil Pasta for 15 minutes.


  • In a pot, heat up Vegetable Oil. Add tomatoes allow to cook for 2 minutes


  • Add green beans, more than half of the cabbage, carrots.


  • Season with salt, seasoning cube, curry and thyme.


  • Stir, cook for 3 minutes.


  • Pour in the parboiled pasta ,Add the remaining cabbage and carrots. Combine well.


Vegetable Macaroni Pasta is ready.


Veggie Macaroni Pasta



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